No. 13 // Tips on Mulching with Leaves

There’s a chill in the air and the fall color here in Michigan is nothing short of spectacular. With each passing day, more and more of that beautiful fall color lands on our lawns, ready to be swept away but there’s actually a great use for those fallen leaves - natural mulch.

Natural leaf mulch is a great way to save money and waste while helping to enrich your soil, lock in moisture and protect your plants from the cold temperatures during the winter season.

A few quick tips on how to best use your leaves as mulch:

  1. Always make sure to shred your leaves first using a mulching mower, shredder or leaf blower on the vacuum setting. Locking in too much moisture with a thick layer of leaves can make your plants susceptible to rot and other fungal diseases.

  2. Use a mulching mower to chop up a layer to be left on your lawn. This provides a nitrogen rich fertilizer which will help keep your lawn healthy and green.

  3. Add the remainder of leaves to your compost bin or pack them up for use as mulch in the spring!

No longer yard ‘waste’, these fallen leaves are a great seasonal tool to make your yard healthy and beautiful far beyond this colorful season. //

Vanessa Friedman