No. 07 // 13 Homemade Weed Killers That Work

Since beginning this project, I've come across a lot of nice folks who are "amazed" by my "brave" efforts to banish chemicals and pesticides from my yard care regimen.  I usually nod and smile and accept their generous accolades before coming clean - the truth is, natural lawn care is an easy and viable option for even the faintest of heart.  

The bravest aspect of shifting to a chemical free yard is being open to a new way of doing things and the willingness to learn.  The internet has no shortage of natural lawn care and gardening tips.  For weed prevention, here's a great 'round up' of tips from Good Housekeeping that are sure to prove helpful:

13 Homemade Weed Killers That Work

Sure, opting for natural yard care might require a shift in paradigm or product loyalty but this minor effort to change is more than worthy of the greater cause; a yard that does no harm to people, plants, animals and waterways.  Not necessarily an act of bravery, but certainly something to feel proud of. #lawnprideredefined //

Vanessa Friedman