No. 03 // Radishes for Days

I'm a self-proclaimed gardening novice.  Each time we get a new plant, my husband teases me by very solemnly letting the plant know that it's days are numbered. The truth is, my track record for keeping plants alive is...not great.  So when I decided to take on an organic backyard vegetable garden, my husband was reasonably skeptical.  

I was determined to get it right.  It was a little late in the season, so I consulted the nice folks at Bird Creek Farms, one my favorite local farms stands.  They advised me to plant beets, beans, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, spinach and radish and told me that frequent watering would be important for a late season harvest due to the heat.  

I decided to treat these plants with the same care and consideration I offer to dinner guests. What do these seeds like?  Where will they sit in the yard? Is the lighting right? Do they need a drink? And then I planted and I watered (and waited and watered and watched on repeat) until a few little sprouts started popping through the soil.  It was nothing short of a miracle.

My humble little vegetable garden, once planted, required very little and gave a lot.  We had big beautiful harvests and radishes...for...days.  With some thoughtful planning and a few relatively simple steps, I found myself closer to nature, more appreciative of the food on my plate and filled with awe and gratitude for how the earth sustains us. The garden was thriving, it was beautiful and it was wonderfully practical.

So, I've decidedly turned a new leaf (pun intended) and have managed to grow a vegetable garden from just a few tiny seeds, gracefully allowing my husband to eat his words in the form of a fresh garden salad.  //






Vanessa Friedman